“When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching,” (Matthew 7:28)

I remember as a child, seeing my Dad perform some simple “magic tricks” for my friends at a birthday party one year. They were “amazed,” and so was I! I didn’t know how he did those tricks…but they were amazing!

As a child, I looked upon such moments with wonder and curiosity. As I grew older, I continued to be amazed along life’s way by all kinds of things. But as a teen, my childlike wonderment of the world around me seemed to diminish somewhat, crowded out by the pressures of life that traded wonderment for skepticism. That all changed at the age of sixteen when I encountered Jesus. It was then that I chose to surrender my life to Him.

When Jesus taught in the public places, at synagogues, and in people’s homes, many were “amazed.” The word “amazed” appears no less than forty-five times in the New Testament. Forty of the Forty-five times this word is used, it was used by people who encountered Jesus.

When we truly encounter the living Christ, we cannot help but be in awe, to be amazed. When we surrender our lives to Jesus, our view of the world around us is suddenly capable of seeing life from God’s perspective. It’s as if we shifted from seeing our world in shades of grey, to having available to our senses, the complete spectrum of color and depth. Our wonderment about life returns, and once again, in the manner of a child, we find amazement in the life for which God created us.

As we nurture our relationship with our Creator, our newfound senses are kept fresh in life. We nurture our relationship through worship, prayer, and the diligent study of scripture. Each of these activities brings with them fresh encounters with Christ, and with each encounter, we are left with a sense of amazement, as we gaze upon the heart of God.







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